The exclusive ring that you can attain

“Behold! We have found the rings of triton!” Doesn’t the name triton rings not fill you with such feelings of grandeur? Simply hearing the name gives one the sense that triton rings are rings reserved only for royalty, nobility or the gods among us. The name alone screams exclusivity to you. You know that with a wedding or engagement ring such as this you will have a ring that will stand out from the rest and put you in a class that is envied by others. Yet, you may be wondering what it is that makes this ring so exclusive?

Physical properties

Triton rings are made of tungsten carbide. This is a chemical compound that is made up of equal parts tungsten and equal parts carbon. Both elements, tungsten and carbon, are very strong and hard substances in their finished form. They are also both used to strengthen other elements when combined with them. So when you add both together you most obviously will get a metal that is both hard and strong. Tungsten carbide is stiffer than steel, which means it has a tensile strength that exceeds one of the compounds that we recognise to be so strong that it is used to build the very homes we live in. Not only is it stiffer but, it is also denser than steel and titanium as well click for more. This means it is one of the hardest substances known to mankind. In fact, it lies just behind diamond on the list of hardness for all materials humans are aware of.

Thanks to the fact that in its most basic form it is a very fine powder of grey hue, it is rather easy to work with and cast into the shapes necessary. It has a very high resistance to scratching and has a hardness that far exceeds 18k gold. This extreme hard metal is not without vulnerability, though, as it can be on occasions be shattered by very hard blows. This is only under specific conditions and takes a fair amount of force to cause such a result. These attributes are what has made triton rings quite attractive to customers of late.

Functional yet beautiful

Triton rings are not only highly functional, they are quite beautiful as well. One can have quite intricate designs placed on their rings. Such designs that will set it apart from other wedding or engagement rings. You will not only have to be satisfied with its natural colour as you can have one in different hues. These colours make it stylish and one of a kind. This is something that you won’t get with your regular gold or silver rings. Just imagine, a ring with both silver and gold separated by a thin black line and studded with a diamond of your choice. A thing of beauty indeed. So not only is it hard and scratch resistant, which makes it perfect for those with difficult manual labour jobs but, it is also beautiful and shiny enough to catch any woman’s eye. Isn’t this the kind of ring you want to set yourself apart from the rest?


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